Multi-functional 24-inch wheeled suitcase for male and female college students, with 20-inch and 24-inch password-protected luggage compartments, aluminum frame, and push-handle.

$109.99 USD $159.99 USD
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A rolling suitcase is a type of luggage designed for easy transportation and carrying while traveling or on business trips. It is a suitcase with wheels and a handle, which allows the user to pull or push it on smooth surfaces or other surfaces.

Rolling suitcases are usually made from materials such as super-durable plastic, aluminum alloy, depending on the specific product and purpose of use. Rolling suitcases come in different sizes, from small and compact for short trips to larger ones for longer travels.

Some notable features of rolling suitcases include:

- Convenient design, can be opened to store and classify belongings easily.
- Large wheels, able to withstand impact and easy to move on different surfaces.
- Adjustable handle length, suitable for users.
- Zipper and combination lock for safety and protection of belongings inside the suitcase.
- Made of hard plastic material with a 4-corner aluminum frame. Able to withstand pressure well, with good water resistance and able to withstand significant impact.
The storage compartment is divided into 3 spacious sections for storing belongings.

  • Rolling suitcases are a useful and popular product for transporting and carrying luggage while traveling or on business trips.